50 years of modern history.

For over fifty years Alfamarine has been inspired by a philosophy built on the sound experience of ideas and seafaring. The sporting and classic series of our yachts are the hallmark of a product that never succumbs to passing fads. Today's Alfamarine yachts sum up the history of the shipyard with a yacht featuring present-day shape, size, and performance but also outstanding user features reflecting the desires of a boat owner.

Performance without compromise

Alfamarine yachts have a double soul. One is the classic, elegant, and sophisticated lines of the deck and the other, less visible, is the hull - powerful and high performance.

The vessel glides smoothly over waves and is free from vibrations while the instrument panel shows 45 knots of pure speed.

Total living - live at your own pace.

The interiors of our yachts multiply with the complicity of light that forms an element of design aspired by architect Michela Reverberi. Inspired by Neoclassical architecture, light sources are skilfully given a central role, as is the concept of comfort that transfigures the seamless volumes. The materials become protagonists of a project with a green spirit because every passion should be alive with civil commitment.

Recognizable design on every horizon

It doesn’t matter how many miles Alfamarine yachts dart through waves.

When an Alfamarine is in front of your eyes or viewed from binoculars, it is recognized by the sporty shape that is never aggressive, the elegance without necessarily being fashionably decked out, the speed without arrogance: simply pleasure at its finest.

Cruising with the force of striking details

In the Alfamarines it is hard not to appreciate the spaciousness and the stern port solutions or the sizable engine compartment where everything has a rational order. Symmetries of space and heights expose the special attention given to the heart of all the yachts in our shipyard. Not to mention the technical assistance accompanying each Alfamarine boat throughout its life cycle.